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AB Anna Buchegger

Anna Buchegger Musikalisches Brückenbauen zwischen Tradition und Innovation.

DR David Raddish

David Raddish David Raddish started playing drums at the tender age of three. Thirty years later, he's still fascinated by percussion instruments.

KL Kimyan Law

Kimyan Law

Kimyan Law Complex mosaics of ancient sound with modern aesthetics

LA Lou Asril

Lou Asril Manages to extract the Soul in his voice exactly from where it lies within - leaving us both breathless and tongue-tied.

LK Lukas Klement

Lukas Klement by Fabian Holoubek

Lukas Klement An endless curiosity for discovering new sounds.

MW Maximilian Walch

Maximilian Walch by Karin Hackl

Maximilian Walch Restriction breeds creativity.


SISKA SISKA's enchanting voice blends classical and electronic music in a unique way, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere with her thoughtful lyrics and beautiful melodies.

TW Toby Whyle

Toby Whyle by Irina Gavrich

Toby Whyle Writing songs has always been quite natural and ever-present in Toby Whyle's life.