matches music is a music management agency based in vienna, austria. working tightly with a small roster of musicians, producers, audio engineers, and labels, our approach to artist management is a very personal one. we grow and maintain close relationships at eye level with the artists we're working with, emphasizing the human being behind the music.

before founding matches music in 2018, david buder and jakob bouchal curated concerts and regular club nights for many years, showcasing adventurous music in spaces all over austria. remaining deeply rooted in underground electronic dance music and club culture, we're working with artists from different musical backgrounds and are open to all genres.


david grew up with music, taking guitar and singing lessons from early on, then studying audio engineering and business administration. hosting an annual open air music festival for many years, david has proven time and time again his ability to keep an overview of things in the often chaotic situations inherent in the live side of the music business. he’s an experienced project manager, bringing structure to artistic endeavours. david’s passion for music is only surpassed by his love of cats and other furry animals.


jakob is interested in everything as a matter of principle, enthusiastically sharing his latest discoveries and obsessions with the world. learning to play the violin as a kid set him up for a life filled with music. soon, he spent his weekends away from school travelling europe as a dj, then promoting club nights all over austria while training to be a lawyer. jakob’s approach to artist management is shaped by his experience freelancing as a music journalist: always keen to tell the story behind a song or a person, to capture moods and details.


michael has been playing drums since he was eight years old. today he’s involved in various bands and productions as a professional musician. his enthusiasm for music goes far beyond the creative process: artists and collaborators value his skills to strategically plan and efficiently organize projects.


mateusz spent his teenage years crafting hip-hop beats, then took a deep dive into the world of marketing and pr. having worked in pr agencies for almost a decade, he went back to university to study jazz guitar and creative musicianship. combining his experience in marketing and his appreciation of music, mateusz helps musicians, bands, labels and event promoters develop and implement sustainable, effective online marketing campaigns.